R.I.P. Kissena
Almost two months ago I got t-boned by a truck and you were thrown out of alignment.

With every totaled bike day comes a new bike day. Stay tuned.

Couldn’t pass up the sweet light this sunset so I snapped a few of my Kissena. New bars making all the difference.  

Got caught in this Affinity Cycles profile.  Your’s truly at the 1:41 mark outside the shop talking to Victor.



Having the right gear is key to loving riding your bike.  For some reason good or bad gear aside (good gear does make it more comfortable!) I love riding in the rain!  Call me crazy but I get so amped when it is pouring from the heavens.  I ride harder faster and am the only dude on a bike smiling the whole time.  Having an amazing rain jacket helps, paired with the right base layer for the current temperature and you have a recipe for, wait for it…  AWESOME!  It was kinda sketchy at times, they weren’t lying about the 20-31 mph winds, but your’s truly kept it rubber side down the whole time.

Today’s kit (my pants, socks, head and hands were thoroughly soaked, my core was damp at a consistent temperature the whole time):

Rapha Rain Jacket

Rapha Roll Neck

Levis Jeans (cotton boxers)

Northwave MTB shoes

Chrome crew socks

Oakley frames with clear lenses

Homemade cycling hat 

see yah out there,


So I’ve been riding my new bike for a while now and I have to say I’m really enjoying being back on a track bike.  Not only do I feel my self getting stronger but I’m focusing on enjoying my rides.

Even when I go out for lap in the park in full kit it’s nice not having a computer in front of me to distract me. The focus is purely on the flow of me and the bike.

I even did my first race.  Lost, but hey I had a blast.

Take the time to ride your bike and enjoy the time you spend on it. But remember, if you’re anything like myself and you ride all the time, take a break once in a while… even a day will rekindle your love.



(thanks to eric jonsson for the last photo)


My co-worker and homie Jonathan recently teamed up with Jason at Affinity and built up this limited edition gloss black Kissena. If you see him commuting over the Queensborough bridge, be sure to say hello.

Finally got to go on a joy ride with my homie cycleangelo.cc and mat walters. Angelo took some pictures.



Alright, there’s some backlash against fixed gear bikes that’s going on out there and we’re going to do our small, small part to try and squash it.

Some folks are comparing it to some short-lived trends from the past. That’s cute and cynical, but really false.  

Unlike those trends, the fixie is practical. It’s become a legit form of transportation. One that’s good, all around. One that we all love. It’s the first time in our lives that cycling has been considered cool. Even when we and every other kid in the neighborhood was riding BMX bikes it was still not cool. It was still kind of an outsider thing. And practiced mostly by middle- to upper-class suburban kids.

Ditto for skateboarding.  

But we see fixed gear bikes mostly in the not so well off areas. Go on bikesdirect and you can grab one for a decent price. Get yourself an SE Draft and it’s even more affordable. And say what you want, those bikes are solid and dependable. 

So they’re affordable and viable. And they’re getting more people on bikes. That’s significant.

And they’re really effing fun to ride.

So they’re part of the solution, they’re popular, they’re fun and they’re getting more people on bicycles. What’s the problem, people? If you’re still talking smack about them, then you’re just being cynical to try and get attention. Knock it off.  

Every single person in the cycling community should support and foster this with everything they have. Period.  

A nice and clean way to put it. Thanks for the words!

Morning lap around Central Park. I can’t believe it’s the 5th of December and I’m still able to wear lycra! Kinda unreal.

Manifest from my first alley cat race in #nyc!! Appropriately came in 11 th place :). Now I’m hooked. (Taken with instagram)